Sunday, April 25, 2010

End of remodel tour

This was the light over the kitchen counter - very different but looked very good in the house

And this was the front door of the cool house - it was wide enough for a wheelchair (just so you can visualize) and very neat. The inside was white w/ silver fixtures.
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Cool House #2

This was the window seat in the dining room.

This was the staircase. It had originally come out the other direction and the builders had taken the landing apart, put up the wall and turned the staircase to come out this way. Very cool. The house was 90 years old and a very nice mix of old and modern.

Main bath

Kitchen. It had slate grey tiles - very pretty.
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Cool house set #1

These are pics of a custom built-in in the living room. It was beautiful!!

And then this was the downstairs bath.
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Home Remodel Tour

This was the first house that we could take pictures at. This was the medicine cabinet in the bathroom (which was an awful combination of old-world barn and Tuscan villa - to each his own I guess). We did like several pieces from the house tho.

This herringbone pattern in the floor would look good at home. It's tile, not actual brick.

Very pretty design in the floor.
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Yes I know, I'm late.....

This was my Easter treat. He's from Andre's - otherwise known as heaven for your tastebuds. He was mocha deliciousness. Thanks mom!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

I love being amusing.....

One of the nurses put dental xrays in my scan box.

I pulled them out of the envelope and said "What, pray tell, does she expect me to do w/ these???" So I emailed her exactly that. She found my use of "pray tell" hysterical and said nevermind, bring them back and they'll go live in the film library. I love my nurses!