Thursday, September 29, 2011

So I'm being homesick

So I'm making a list of "My favorite things" about coming home.

1. HUGS!!
2. Family and friends.   I miss you all!
3. Food! OTB, Jack Stack, BD's, the Melting Pot.  Sigh.
4. Sunshine


I've been following a freebie blog and requesting samples and such from various places.  If anyone wants me to do it for you let me know :-)

Cast is off, brace is on.  I don't have to sleep in it but I have to protect my foot - if it turns the wrong way it really hurts.  I can take the brace off to shower - woohoo! and stretch/flex my foot to work the muscles.

2 weeks till Cocoa Beach - yippee!  I'm so excited!  Kt and I are going to have so much fun, even if I do have to take my crutches for the walking days.

DH is almost done refinishing the coffee table - I can't wait to post pics, its so pretty.  Much nicer than the yellowy oak color it was before.  Yuck.

Camry has a new love -- pudding cups.  Everytime DH is eating one Camry comes RUNNING from wherever he is and meows madly until DH lets him sniff the cup.  He doesn't want to taste it, just sniff it.  He gets very yowly if he's denied.  It is hysterical and DH loves it.  I love how bonded DH and Camry are.  They play together at night and such.  So sweet.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank you

This is a Thank You post to those of you who listened to me cry yesterday, sent nice emails, offered hugs etc.  You are appreciated so much.  I swear I wouldn't be able to handle the pain etc if it wasn't for you all.

Thank you.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oy.  I'm getting calluses on the heels of my hands from the crutches.  They have winguts on the screws of the hand-holds.  These are dangerous - particularly when vacuuming.  I gouged a round spot out of my thumb knuckle today trying to vacuum on crutches.  Yeow!  I am SO sick of sitting down to do showers and I WANT TO SCRATCH MY LEG with something more than a knitting needle.  Hmph.  Also I want to DRIVE!  Poor DH is so sick of the grocery shopping.  Its so funny how hard it is for him to find things in the grocery store.  (And by "funny" I mean supremely frustrating for the both of us!)  I also want to be able to do laundry, rather than rely on DH to do it.

It's getting chilly here.  Love it.  I'm cuddled up w/ a soft blanket and my heating pad for my headache.  Ahhhhhh.  Its the little things in life.  Even Camry is more cuddly in the cold.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wet basement

2011-09-07 09.31.47.jpg

See all the little round dots near the bottom of the picture?  Crutch marks.  You should see me hop around from one dry spot to another!  Stupid rain.  We've got flash flood warnings for the next 4 hours.  The creek out back is full again - no more dry creek bed.  I managed to empty the dehumidifier -- a major accomplishment with crutches!! Set up a box fan and moved a box out of the way of the drain.  Mom - the goodwill box is soaked!  Oh well.  May just dump it all in the trash now.  I can't move the carpet piece that's laying there on crutches but it's been soaked before.

All this makes me so grateful I didn't get really slammed by the hurricane etc.  This is so minor compared to others.

Monday, September 5, 2011



Oy.  I am SO sick of sneezing and it hurts my sore throat and my tummy is so sick that sneezing makes me "nervous" if you get my meaning.  Sigh.  Hello benadryl, my best friend in the world.  You are marvelous in your drugging abilities and frustrating in your blank stare-inducing properties.  I am so grateful for you!

Happy Labor Day!

My labor for the day is a sink overflowing with dirty dishes.  Sigh.  I refuse to do dishes until DH puts the clean ones away ---- so it's about 4 days worth of dishes.  Oy.  I'm dreading the mess.  Maybe I should start doing them daily and just keep piling them on the counter.  At least I have coffee - DH bought some Tassimo at the store since I'm STILL waiting on my order from them.

DH got the yard mowed this weekend -- the front already looks like it needs it again.  Stupid rain!

I have laundry to do, Christmas cards to start on and dishes to wash.  Wish someone was here to keep me company!! :-)  Whine whine.  I am SO sick of this cast and crutches.  I'm getting to where I just want to kick something every time I move around.  Argh!  So frustrating.  I want to just take my leg off or something.