Monday, December 29, 2008

Asst pics, take 2

Ok, So the pic of Daddy by the fire REFUSES to load, but here is some belated Christmas cheer, aren't they cute (and yes, I love the hat!)

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Bows and Animals....

Here we have my "baby", she was a little overwhelmed at all the commotion so she sat on my lap and looked festive with all my bows. :-) I miss her already!
And here is Kt with her her BIG gift - and a BIG bow to match!
And this is what happens when a very tired Mandy attempts to do a cool pic like Kt did. Didn't turn out as well.........
And this is Jack the cat, he'd had enough Christmas, killed his new mouse after a great and mighty bloodless battle and was hiding before lunch. Probably hoping to grab any dropped pieces of yummy turkey!
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Happy Christmas pics...

Happy Snowman (actually a set of old golf clubs dressed up very lumpily). Yay for Dad making such a great face!

This is a very very happy (and very tired) Mandy with her yummy gift from Canada. It's a bread spread but honestly it's so yummy it may be eaten straight from the jar!
This is a very happy Dad with his baby bottle of Jack that was delivered to him from Santa's stop at the "duty-free" shop in Canada! :-)
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Sorry - must fuss....

An 83 yr old man goes to the hospital in extreme pain, they schedule sx, then they send him home. Now he's back, having had a seizure in the urgent care and I can't go b/c we're leaving in the morning early and I've been sleeping like crap here in Joplin. Thank heaven for Martha being here or I think I'd go insane....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hurry Hurry Hurry

So the earliest we will leave here is 4pm - and my Gpa is in the hospital awaiting sx and I NEED TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!! My job is taking care of him and I do NOT like being this far away, if we weren't planning on going down I'd just hop on a plane but I can't do that since we're coming anyway. I told mom if Gpa was coherent (morphine for pain) that she should tell him "I'm coming as quick as I can!" At least he has Martha to keep an eye on him for me but I WANT TO BE THERE!!! I am his "Chief Nag, Nurse and Bedside Sitter". I am so not going to be able to nap now. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'm now down 10 pounds, didn't lose much while I was home but honestly between the weather and the blisters I got walking I'm just tickled I didn't GAIN!

Quick trip home

I am SOOOOOO glad to be back in my own bed and my own couch - however I am NOT glad to see my own fridge. Grocery shopping didn't rank very high on my husband's to-do list apparently. 4 pieces of bread (white, not wheat so not on my diet), no oatmeal (my fault - ran out the day I left), basically the fridge is almost totally empty! :-) Oh well, I'm not going shopping for 2 days of eating, I'll just scrounge. Apparently he enjoyed me not being around on my diet by eating frozen pizzas --- which appropriately made him sick since he's not used to the grease and stuff anymore. Serves him right!
We're supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow in my county today - yippee. Ok, not really since we drive out tomorrow but I'm sure we'll be find. I'm posting this with all appropriate hesitancy -- but my car "appears" to be fixed. It didn't make the noise last night .... we'll see. I think it'll take some time before I actually believe it! :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy almost Christmas

So Kt is grousing that the decorations at work are ugly. I didn't even have to put up a Christmas tree this year! Headed to KC on the 8th and (aside from a quick trip back to NY on the 17th) will be down here till the 28th. My husband was unreasonably happy about the no decorating thing. The florist ruined him! So this morning I am off to Cabellas to stand in line for fleece-lined jeans for my husband and a coworker. Then off to Panera for brunch w/ Amy (yay!) and back to the hospital (where I am now) to work out in the gym before going home for a nap. I got to hang out w/ Moni and her mom most of yesterday and had a GREAT time! I love laughing so hard I nearly cry!
Sunday we go to the melting pot (yippee!) w/ mom, Kt, Chad (I think) and Moni and MICHAEL! I finally get to meet this VERY IMPORTANT PERSON! Stay tuned for updates! :-)

Friday, December 5, 2008

For future reference....


Or you could just tell me to mind my own business and that's ok too. Sorry, bad day. :-)


Our high is supposed to be 28 today. So cold! Thank heaven we got my husband a hat liner, new socks etc.
I'm headed to KC for about 3 wks on Sunday. Going to get a crown to fix my awful root canal, go Christmas shopping, and see everyone so that when my honey comes down we can head to Joplin for Christmas and then drive back to NY (oh goodee.) I think I'll drug my "passenger" so I can drive in peace.
Ha. The early show is going to do a piece on "weddings cheaply" - who wants to bet that their definition of cheap doesn't come CLOSE to our's, Kt?!?!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As I sit here pondering over my daily protein shake...

I thot I would share a funny. I got chewed out by my trainer (and why don't I ever use her name, Faye, instead of always typing out "my trainer?") Anywho, so Faye chewed me out again today. She wanted to know if I was going to get some new workout clothes soon - since she's tired of not being able to SEE my body as it's working. Apparently the notion of "I'll wear my husbands tee-shirts that I steal on a regular basis from his closet so that they'll be huge and no one can see my stomach" does not work on trainers. I have been instructed to go dig out my tank tops! :-) I thot it was pretty funny! I did get a "kudos" on the improved diet (let's hear it for protein shakes, protein powder in the oatmeal and a very sad # of carbs daily) as well as for the weight I've lost. In a week or so she'll redo my measurements and hopefully they'll be so good I'll post them to brag. (Or not.) I do notice a definite increase in my strength tho which is a nice change. Just goes to show you can be a muscular bookworm after all! And despite stuffing my stomach on T-giving I didn't gain any weight back....(now if it'd just melt off faster), but oh well. Progress is progress.