Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me

Well here I sit, an old married woman. :-) 4 years, and he hasn't killed me yet! Sometimes it seems I've been married forever and sometimes it seems like it can't possibly have been 4 years, mostly because we dated so long, it just sort of all blends together after awhile I guess. And now we're starting another NY adventure.
If you hadn't heard he got his new truck, computer and phone (a crack-berry) yesterday. So far Chesapeake is definitely living up to their word!! Much different than the old job! He was so excited. A Chevy Silverado 2500 with only 1700 miles on it. He says it has SO much room inside!! :-) I'm sure compared to our 2 it definitely does. Extended cab. As Arista would have said - he is very "woo-woo"! Uptown man for sure.
I just realized I went to WM for stuff and an anniverary card. Guess what I forgot. OY! Guess I'll go back later. Sigh. He's taking me to Texas Road House for dinner tonite - yay!
Well I was going to post a wedding pic and say thanks again to all who helped/attended/kept me sane etc but apparently husband took the external hard drive to work with him. So you'll just have to make do with the thank you!

Edited to add: - So I just tt husband -- He went to WM this morning to get Ian's bday gift and card and my anniversary card. Guess what he forgot! :-) So it will be the year of mutual no cards since we are both agreeable to it. :-)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello from Ny

You know you're in NY when
1 - the stupid roads rattle your car into bits
2 - the gas pump this morning charged me 3.24 per gallon. I KNOW!!!!!!
3 - you see Tim Horton's on the list of resteraunts

This apt thing....yeah. We'll be renting a house I think. If this is a "corporate apt" quality---heaven help regular apts!! Husband laid down to go to sleep last night and the bedspring brace broke in half. The beds are hard (but please still come visit!) The baths are TINY and my furnished kitchen has 2, count them 2! kitchen towels and NO COOKIE SHEETS! NOT A ONE!

I drove around our village of Painted Post today just to get gas this morning. Have migraine but it looks like an ok place. (minus the price of gas). Pretty churches. Older homes. 20 mins to husband's work so we may try to go somewhere closer when the temp housing is over. We are right across the road from a WM, there's a Tractor Supply and Blockbuster too just around the corner. Lots of pretty mountains.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gpa's House #2

This is the kitchen.

This is the outside.

The room where he kept all his documents and such was untouched. Literally. No smoke, no water damage. It was unreal. The 2 bedrooms farther down the hall both have heavy smoke and water damage. It was amazing what the fire took and what it didn't. Josh and I found a Bible laying on the tv in the living room. The living room was so charred that you couldn't even tell you were walking on carpet. And yet this bible, covered in soot and charred material, was untouched. The pages were not charred....nothing. There were melted plastic things next to an old santa ornament that used to dance and juggle a snowball back and forth as it sang...and looked just fine. The way that fire moves is unreal. The old tree clock that hung on the wall in the living room looked like it could be cleaned. Dale had put up the Christmas tree already so it is pretty much a lost cause. We did find a black kitten hanging out in the spare document bedroom. Cracked me up. We chased him out since Gpa had bought cat food while he was in town. Gpa seems to still be running on adrenaline. He'd been in town buying clothes for him and Dale. He was pretty tired. They're getting a 5th wheel trailer tomorrow. Dale has been sleeping in the truck to watch the property. Thanks to all who have been praying for him.
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Gpa's House

This is the front. The plywood is covering the broken out front windows.

This is the garage. The door into the house has totally burnt out. The freezers were moved to a neighbors who had power. To me, the garage looks so naked w/o Gpa's multiple chest freezers!!

This looks down the hall into the kitchen. You can just see the kitchen chairs in the distance.

This is the other way down the hall, towards the back bathroom and basement stairs. I had to ask Josh what this picture was of because I could hardly tell just from the picture, even having been there.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I think I have a plan....

for every day this week. And all I have to say is
I love my friends
I love my family and

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stony Point Christmas

Kids singing

He was singing "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" - not a surprise to you all I'm sure! :-)
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Christmas pics

Mom got more "doggie mace" for her walking protection

Dad got a printer to go with his new fancy digital camera!

Such a good picture!! You can never get Dad to smile on cue but accidental pics do happen. :-)

I got a new body pillow!
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Christmas Pictures

Dad gets Kleenex -- no that doesn't mean he's snotty :-)

I get a funny little hot pad from Kt in my sock that has little sucker-like holes. (Chad in the back ground is not impressed.)

Yes, that is a 3 POUND BAG of gummi bears! They're for my 18 hour drive to NY. :)

No that's not liquor :-) It's mom's vanilla flavoring for her teas.
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Which of your senses means the most to you?

So I'm stealing the "prompt" link from Kt b/c I can't think of anything to write about, but I took my cough syrup and a pain pill so I'm talkative. (My teeth hurt so bad they want to fall out of my head b/c of the congestion - thus the pain pill. Just fyi.)

I would miss my ears the most I think. I would be able to learn braille eventually to read if I was blind and at least I would be able to still sing and talk to my friends and family and hear movies and and books on tape (even tho I don't enjoy books that way now, maybe I would if I had to.) Plus I don't think Josh would be very good at learning sign language :-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vacation Postings

Make sure you go all the way down the bottom and click "older postings" or choose the first post in Sept on the left hand side and go up from there. I did about 15 posts on vacation pics and so the screen doesn't display them all at once. I don't want anyone to miss the first 1/2.


Monday, September 13, 2010

FInal post for vacation - whew!

Question of the night - what kind of squirrel is that???? There were 4 of them on the course. They walked/waddled rather than hopped like normal squirrels, had much longer tails - kinda dragged on the ground behind them, and they were BRAVE! They came right up to DH and I on the golf cart when I chittered at them - this one came right up and sniffed my fingers. Very very very cute and friendly.
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2nd golf course

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Yes these are 2 full-grown tigers having play-time. And by play-time I mean shaking the floor rolling around w/ ears back pouncing on each other playing. It was so funny to see. Little kids in their strollers were staring open-mouthed in awe.

Best buds! These were 2 of the 4-month olds that they were using for us to hold in pics.

Full grown Siberian having a nap

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Blowfish like we saw dead at the beach


Very cool house we saw on the beach
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Bigger fish

Yes those are actually ROWS of teeth he has in his mouth

Sawtooth fish/shark thing....weird huh

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I think this fish looks like an Easter Egg!


Me petting one of the baby stingrays - he was little and spotted and felt like wet velvet - incredibly soft!!!!!

I think this may be one of the most beautiful pictures we took on the whole trip.
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Sea Urchin. Looks like fun to step on huh......?

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