Sunday, May 30, 2010

More of Gpa/Martha's Party

This is Thatcher. (Unless you're asking my cousin Brenda who calls him Thrasher. She has dreams of being related to a WWE wrestler apparently.) :-)

This was a VERY good gift for Gpa, he always loves his John Deere accessories.

Aren't they cute? Now if they'll just use those marriage certificates....We'll have a "happily ever after". :-)

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Gpa/Martha's bday

Martha and Gpa LOVE Braums - this was their g/c from Kt and Chad. (But mostly from Kt!) :-P Gpa's smirk reminds of me Kt matter of fact....

This is a shot of Neil & Elaine's deck - they hosted and it was a beautiful party!! Lots of food, lots of friends and family. Just the way it should be.

Poor Martha. Gpa's sense of humor can occasionally leave something to be desired. :-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Laura's Babies

This is Twiggy aka January Snow (except Laura's gkids call her Juicy Fruit - no idea why)

This is her other cat, "Jackie O" otherwise known as "Jack-Jack"
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Friday, May 7, 2010

The benefit to a small car

is that I didn't get in an accident on the way home last night.

Some bleeding idiot in an old pickup was in the lane to the left of me.
He had an extension ladder hanging out the back - even had the red hankie tied on the end.
Apparently he forgot it was there. The yahoo forgot to signal, cut me off by whipping in front of me, so close that the ladder went swinging by over the hood of my car. I hit the brakes and the horn at the same time (a miracle in itself as I have a hard time doing them simutaneously.) He swerved back into his lane and decided to stay there until I had passed him.

If I'd been in a normal sized car that ladder would have hit my car and sent us into a crash I'm sure of it. IDIOT shouldn't have a license to drive!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Big decisions? Anyone else feel like they are rolling the dice when trying to make big decisions? How do you quit second guessing yourself?

On a happier note - I get to take Laura to Kt's shelter tomorrow to help Laura pick out a 2nd cat. Yay! Laura said "Are you sure you don't mind going?" Yes, like I'll willingly turn down a chance to pet a cat. I will post pics tomorrow if I can.