Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January in NY

This is my back porch, those of you who have visited (hint hint Kt) can appreciate how LONG these icicles are. What's even more amazing is that they were NOT THERE when I left for work yesterday morning. These swords of mother nature appeared in ONE DAY!!!!!! They go from the roof and are so long they come down to about my hip (which considering how short I am is really saying something!)

Just thot I'd let ya'll in the Midwest gloat over your (lack of) weather. It has snowed everyday for forever. Seriously. EVERYSINGLEEVERLOVINDAY!!!!!!!!! And of course THIS is when I find a job. Good lands. It's ridiculous. The piles of snow in my gym parking lot are as tall as my car, the piles in the mall parking lot are over 10 feet tall (my husband says so! It's not just my exaggeration!!) If we go back I'll take the camera so I can prove it!

Have a happy Wed all!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have been very industrious this afternoon. I went to the bank, library, $ general, post office and grocery store, then came home and cleaned out the fridge and started laundry. Too bad I can't run errands and do things like that for other people as a job. Oh well. I had an interview yesterday for a job in town (which would be awesome) and they made it sound like they would call me the same day to let me know if I could interview with the boss. A day and 1/2 later and still no phone call! Grrrrrrr, I plan to call early in the morning. I may actually get to eat w/ my husband tonite - yippee!! First time in ... well we won't discuss that part.
I got my new pair of tennis shoes yesterday - now that I'm wking out a lot I actually needed new shoes. They worked well today but I think I need to go to the chiropractor - my toes in both feet went numb on the elliptical today (and it's hard to do the elliptical when an ever-growing part of your feet are numb!) Trust me! :-)
Hoping to have job news soon........

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Brooklyn Bridge

NYSE (for dad)

Ellis Island building

Gorgeous sculpture on the area where the ferrys go out to the Statue of Liberty. It's a monument to all the military who lost their lives off our Atlantic Coast. They have tall walls of granite engraved w/ all the names, rank and state of birth of all the dead.
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I know, way too many photos....


Shrimp - no seriously! They're shrimp! For sale in a window display in Chinatown....and no we didn't eat there. One of the other tanks had a dead crab all the shrimp were eating and so on and so forth - anyway we lost our appetites.

Manhattan bridge (I think).

I love how these black and white and sepia photos turn out!
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More NYC

This is the "Today Show" studio (we never made it there in the morning -- too tired after walking miles and miles during the days).

This is w/o a doubt the COOLEST bldg I saw - I want to live on the corner (assuming I was nuts enough to live in NYC).

This is just to give you an idea of the prices in NYC - 500sq ft for 499K. Ouch.

Is this not the ODDEST billboard ever?? Smaller versions were on the top of quite a few taxis.
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Central Park

The following are all windows decorated up for Christmas. Funny - I like looking at them much more now that I'm warm........

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NYC trip

Here are Holly and I freezing to death after we dumped our luggage at the hotel on the 31st.

Funny story about this - due to the head cold I couldn't hear worth anything after we flew (ears never popped back) and so I was convinced for an extended period of time that we were looking for the "bubblegum shrimp company" .... oh well.

This was the street in Times Square at least 9 hours BEFORE the ball drop -- drive me batty!

These were some of my favorite Christmas decorations we saw, we always had these type of bulbs on our tree growing up and they were very pretty.
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