Thursday, July 30, 2009


When I recite my phone # do people think I say '417' first for my HEALTH?? WHY do people insist on ignoring the area code then calling Josh annoyed b/c I'm not answering my phone?? NO DUH Sherlock, dial the right # and I'll be happy to answer!!!!!!
The landlord didn't give the area code to the dishwasher repair people, thus they couldn't come today b/c they couldn't reach me! Then the LANDLORD neglected to dial the area code and when I didn't answer (gee ya think?) he called JOSH complaining that my phone didn't work. GRRRRRRRRRR! I am so tired of this? Why is this so hard to understand?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well I was going to post some pics of the trip - some from the party for Aunt MaryLou etc, however the camera just got on the plane w/ my husband headed for KC again. I told him not to delete anything so you'll just have to be patient :-)
I'm getting ready to start all my laundry - woohoo right? :-) My fridge is BARREN! Literally a few pieces of bread and that's it!!!!! So I'm headed to the grocery store too!

P.S. Guess who called Josh's phone today? Sheri from my old job (apparently those letters I typed w/ my phn # and email address were too much trouble to dig out, they just had his # handy.) I called her back and they had lost a file I worked on for DAYS for them (the BCBS spreadsheet I was having to do while Kt was here.) Now this is the same job that told someone I had done NO work while I was there the last month and deleted all the files I'd worked on out of spite (even tho in reality I worked hard and made a reference sheet of where to find ALL documents I had typed for them.) I looked, didn't still have the file in my email so said "Sorry, no luck. Bye!" The guts of some people!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have a 1/2 grown bluejay flying around my back porch. He landed on the railing and sat there huffing and fluffing his feathers (was shedding bits of tree - must have barely missed hitting one.) He was aiming for my roof - but he wasn't quuuiiittee sure he could make it. He'd huff and spread out his wings ..... and then pull them back and shake his head. Then spread his wings again...give a tiny hop.....and fold them back and shake his head. Finally about the 6th time he actually took off - and from the "THUMP" I heard it must have been a hard landing but I don't see him so he must be ok. Hilarious to watch tho!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maid of the Mist pics

He's having a good time I PROMISE!! He just hates having his pic taken! (He suffered for 2 for my camera, bless his heart.)

Mayfields at the MOTM boat - enjoying their "mist bath" - not a big deal since it rained on and off all day.

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More pics

This is at Devil's Hole - you can see the river - the waves are at least 2 ft hight and the current is UNBELIEVABLY fast. The jetboats that run the river need all 1600 horsepower to make it thru the class 5 rapids. They can go as far as the class 6 rapids, then have to turn around b/c it's only a 50/50 shot of surviving the class 6. YIKES!
This was on the way up the 310 steps. Poor Brenda and Jackie were having a rough time, it was humid for NY and it's quite a work out.

Jackie - before and after the Maid of the Mist ride!
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July 3rd at the falls at night. The falls were lit up by the colored lights. Beautiful and then even more fun when they started the fireworks.

Brenda and Jackie on the Devil's Hole Trail. Notice the smiles - I didn't exhaust them so bad they couldn't smile (of course we hadn't taken the 310 steps back up yet. As you can see in the next pic, it's quite a climb up....
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This was a station-wagon style Mini we thot was interesting - mostly for Kt. :-)

Jackie at Hard Rock Cafe

Jackie and I at the Mountie statue - notice the matching jackets?? Yeah, we came to the falls for the fireworks and promptly started whimpering that we were cold! So we had to shop and find something to keep us warm!

Jackie and I.
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