Thursday, May 21, 2009

I learned something today....

Doing pullups on the machine at the gym makes me motion sick! (Finally figured out why I feel like throwing up and dizzy after doing a few...watching the machine go up and down, up and down in front of me apparently does not cooperate w/ my brain!) Now if I had just figured that out BEFORE it made me so sick I had to leave my training session early! Oh well, my trainer is going to credit me 1/2 an hour and I had mom w/ me to drive home once the world quit spinning. My trainer thot I was kidding at first I think....bless mom's heart, she had to back me up that yes, I really do get motion sick THAT easily! I always just chalked the dizziness etc up to the muscle work even tho it didn't feel like I was working THAT hard! Now I know!

I feel a bit sheepish that it took me this long to figure it out... :-) Like I needed another weird symptom! :-)

P. S. I am having a WONDERFUL day off and day w/ mom. I got a new shirt at Dress Barn, mom got a trench coat w/ hood and we went out and ate pizza for dinner.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 quick thots...

First of all - the older I get the more I agree with Dad. Most people are stupid....and those that aren't are probably morons. (Those who read my blog excepted of course).

Secondly --- YOU SHOULD SEE MY HUSBAND! He went to play golf yesterday - put sunscreen on his nose and ears (pat on the head for the good boy) and then smeared what was left across his a straight line. As the night went on the burn that followed his hairline got more and more prominent while the white "unburnt" straight section of his forehead exactly 2 fingers wide got more and more noticable. LOLOLOL it was HILARIOUS! He is SO going to have to wear a hat all day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things I learned today...

1. No my bosses husband has not figured out that I do not want to psychoanalyze him yet. Darnit. Must be more blatent next time.....

2. The chimunks have NOT deserted me, they simply moved! They now have a new home out front under the hydrangea bush. YAY!

3. Must stop yelling "STOP SMOKING" and slamming the sliding glass door. The new neighbor below me mentioned it to me this evening. Oops. I assured him it wasn't him - we did have this problem last summer (not a lie) but I really should be more tolerant. I did pass along the info that the reason it irritates me is because both my husband and I are allergic to it and if I don't notice it soon enough it saturates my apt. He apologized (kind of) and said he intends to now smoke at the little park area out front - yay!!!!! (He also offered me a free pair of designer womens sunglasses that he sells online.)

4. I am now officially homesick. In no particular order I miss: Mom, Dad, Kt, Brenda, Moni, Gpa, OTB, Amy and Grace. Especially OTB - Just Kidding!!! (No seriously --- can someone mail me one of their Loaded Queso's to go?) sniff sniff. Yes I know most of you are coming to visit me this summer but I miss the midwest too. Altho I must admit we are having beeeutiful weather. 50-70 and mostly sunny w/ a few days of rain. Flowers are blooming, and there's a dogwood or redwood (forgot which) across from my work that is gorgeous!