Friday, March 25, 2011


These are my new shelves!! Aren't they so awesome!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Really Mom?? Leave me alone! And quit sneezing when I'm laying on you!!!

Don't worry Mom!!!! I'll KILL IT DEAD!! Viscous dangerous hairband doesn't stand a CHANCE against the mighty Camry --- unless someone sneezes and scares me.....

Guess what? It's spring!! Yeah. No. Not here. I was going to go grocery shopping I can't. Wet heavy snow is the WORST to get packed under my car. Sigh Can someone PLEASE send me some sunshine and warmth?? Poor husband is SO sick of the cold!

Front yard
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Camry takes care of me

I had a migraine and was hiding my eyes from all light. Camry came up and took care of me trying to help keep me comfortable and warm. :-) What a good kitty!
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Monday, March 14, 2011


If those of you that read do not occasionally put comments I think that NO ONE reads this and will quit posting. (Yes I know I sound like a 2 yr old, sorry - its the migraine speaking.) You don't have to everytime but once in awhile would be awesome please??


Poor Camry. Here he is laying on the "warm guy" and he was still cold. Nice husband covered him up -- Camry didn't wake up enough to care much! :-)

I finally got all my suncatchers hung up. They are over my stove in the kitchen. Pretty!

This is the RR track in my backyard. I love this bridge - it's pretty and old and the river is nice. It's been running faster this last week with all the rain and snowmelt. I think this will be a pretty sight to take pictures of through the seasons.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

You know....

that you hate your wkout when you break down bawling in the middle of it b/c you are trying to jump up and down so hard you freak your husband out. (I was visualizing jumping on the guy leading the wkout's face.)

that you're having a great conversation when you're eating horrible Mexican food but you still stay at the table for over 2.5 hours. (But the margarita was good!) :-)

that poor Camry isn't going to come out for awhile after all that jumping! Poor thing.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wet lovely basement which has NEVER leaked before.......yeah. It leaked. mutter mutter grumble. So it smells damp and icky. We have wet boxes (and I am eternally grateful for husband's insistance on using mostly rubbermaid tubs). Fortuantely it's not under the washer and dryer and hasn't made it into the guest room. Considering what Japan etc are going thru, I think I can handle a wet basement!
I have TV now - yippee! We may have found someone to watch Camry while we're gone on the cruise. She works with husband - he sent her my contact info so we'll see.
The creek behind our house is running SO fast!! If I can find the camera soon I'll take a pic to post.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well I now have pictures on the wall, the dresser gouges are fixed (yay!) and enough books to keep even me happy for awhile. Oh, and snow up past husband's knees so my little car isn't going anywhere! Good thing I have so many books and Camry. They keep me from getting bored.
Husband actually was playing w/ Camry last night. He found a string and was harassing the cat with it and cracking up b/c Camry would bat at it w/ only 1 paw repeatedly, then switch sides. It looked like he was trying to do a workout. :-) Crazy cat.
Still no TV (can't get an antenna to work) but found a great deal on cable to call on today. We'll see, yesterday their lines were always busy. Thank heaven for Netflix. They have enough movies to keep husband somewhat happy at night and documentaries for me to have on during the day if I'd like, that way I don't feel that my brain is total mush. :-P

I have my tickets booked for KC - May 8th to the 22nd. Moni - you had BETTER have that baby during that time frame! :-) I have Brenda's graduation - woohoo, plus friends to see. Yay! Husband will be down to Joplin in April to see the new nephew.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


And this is my basement w/ my brand new washer/dryer combo. I LOVE them, they are so fast and awesome. There is also a 2nd bedroom downstairs with a big cedar closet and drawer all along one wall.
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New House Pics

This is our living room facing into the office/Camry's room. Obviously we still have a few boxes to unpack and a huge pile of blankets off to the right.

This is the living room the other direction. Lots of bookshelves and a window out to the street and a pass-through to the kitchen.

This is Camry's room/dressers for our clothes/scrapbooking stash. I haven't had time to organize it yet.

And this is my kitchen. No dishwasher which is already annoying but otherwise it's very nice. I love all the wood.
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