Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're moved

And never ever again will we use movers. Lots of chips, nicks and broken things. They broke a corner on my hand-made cedar chest. Lost my broom. Husband's safe was opened - he may have most of his stuff - he's not sure yet. Very frustrating.
Mom made it out today ok. She was stranded in Detroit for quite awhile but should be in the air to KC now. She was so much help even with the broken arm. We have most of the boxes either opened or down in the basement for later. I have a million books to organize - of course.
Camry is hiding - he comes and visits at night - loving and purring etc.
No internet till Tues other than husband's wk computer. Phone doesn't wk great up here so if you call and don't get me leave a msg.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on the move

Well we have had an exciting day. Mom and I made it safe, only 1 round of construction to drive thru - no major traffic at all! We were truly blessed. Then yesterday mom fell on the ice and broke both bones in her right wrist. It is a clean break - better than the left wrist 3 yrs ago. Then at the hospital mom's quik-trip cup had a slice in it that poured boiling water over my right hand. I cried. It was horrible yesterday but it's quite a bit better today. A nice nurse got me an icepack and I had some pain pills to use. Today I have streaks of pink that are still really raw and sensitive but am otherwise much better.

Camry is doing well. He has eaten and used the litterbox. He even will run from the carrier in the bathroom to under the bed. :-) Of course today we're taking him to his "real" new home and it will probably be a bit of a setback. But he has purred for mom and loves to be petted still, even when he's hiding in his carrier.

Today we have several inches of snow and it's supposed to be snowing all day. They haven't plowed yet so I walked mom to the gym to do her 4 miles on the treadmill. We will load up the car to the gills and head for the house later this afternoon after we vacuum etc. We're praying to only have one load but I'm not sure it's going to happen....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Requirements for a Road Trip

Here we have all the required elements for a successful road trip. Sugar - long lasting sugar so it takes longer to eat, cereal - carbs, beef jerky for protein, water and kleenex for my eternally itchy nose (rash still hasn't gone away.) I also have a supply of 5 hr Energy Drinks. So, I am alllllll prepared!
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Road Trip!

So I will be driving home starting tomorrow, and then Mom will drive back up with me on the 23rd w/ Camry and assorted breakables we don't want to pack in the the movers van. Yay! Husband is not very happy but with plane tickets running 600 for me to fly down and back on this short notice I'm afraid this is the best option. Certainly the cheapest!
Must go to the store today to buy munchies, gas up the car etc. What are your favorite munchies for a road trip?

Friday, February 11, 2011


These are from our last ice/snow storm we had. This is the view from my back porch. I love seeing the bushes/trees coated in the the sparkly snow.

This is the ring I got for my 30 days done of P90X. It's not the best picture but it's a ruby w/ a tiny diamond on either side.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Stupid NY!! I had left my car in the same spot for over a week in the snow. I went to go to WM today and got it allllll cleaned off and ready to go. I got in the car, backed up enough to get my rearend out in the road.........and got stuck. Forward - backward - forward - backward - forward - backward. Sigh. No further movement. Cue the phone call to husband -- he says to kick at the ice around tire and see if I can get it broke up enough to drive, otherwise just leave car where it is. I kick ice.......and promptly start yowling, I thot I broke my big toe. Husband says - "I meant kick w/ your heel!!" Um yeah, you didn't say that!
So out I go again, hacking w/ my heel, prying at the ice chunks etc. I did finally get out, I didn't break my toe but man is it sore! Stupid NY state. Stupid ice and snow. Grumble fuss. I parked in husbands nice clean spot when I came home.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Survey Questions

So I'm having a terrible time thinking of things to blog about. I took a picture of my view outside today but the camera is now dead so I have found a random survey to amuse myself (and hopefully you) with.

Is there anyone you wish would just fall off the planet?
Ha - certainly but I probably can't name them all, plus the list changes regularly! We'll stick with whoever is in charge of weather predictions up here -- b/c they are TERRIBLE!

Do you wear your seatbelt in the car?

Name 1 thing you worry about running out of?
Books! I do not have enough books to read at the moment. I cannot WAIT to get my little paws on all the ones in storage!

What famous person do people think you resemble?
As far as I know - no one! I am an individual :-)

What is your favorite pizza topping?
Pineapple, crispy pepperoni and occasionally jalapenos

Do you crack your knuckles?
Yes but I am very careful to not do it while rubbing husband's back b/c it drives him nutty!

What song do you hate the most?
Anything by Kesha, most praise choruses, that stupid Firefly song, anything by Queen - I could go on and on!

Did just mentioning that song get it stuck in your head?
Nope b/c I mentioned enough to not worry about it :-) I am so clever!

Peppermint or spearmint?
Peppermint unless I'm totally desperate for gum in which case I'll take anything...

Where are your car keys?
Hopefully in my purse!

What 3 things can always be found in your fridge?
Milk, next months ring, margarine

Do you talk to yourself?
Yes, until Camry arrives at which point I will talk to him!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Most annoying thing ever!!!

My right bicep is twitching. It has been twitching whenever my arm is bent for 2 days now and it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!! If I keep my arm bent so it twitches you can SEE it move, gross. I am so so so tired of it. Need ideas to make it stop!