Sunday, August 30, 2009

Assorted funnies....

I HAD to post this pic, it just SCREAMS Kt.

Did you notice the price? $37,500 for a crystal palace.

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My husband's drooling........ Lotus' for sale, the red one was USED for sale.

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More FL pics

Turtles for sale! They were babies, about the size of your thumb.

Pics of the space shuttle launching, the reflections are off the ocean.

For Kt - fancyschmancy mall!
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

More pics

This is taken at a walkway down by an oceanfront shopping center (w/ a baskin-robbins!!) :-) We had fun taking pics in black and white and regular down the aisle of palm trees.

Totally just b/c it's cute. Apparently we just missed bike week down here.

My poor husband now jumps at all the baby lizards after seeing the teeth on this sucker!!
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Ponce Islet Lighthouse

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Scenery in FL

In remembrance of Kt's bug....

Daytona Beach sunset

A couple of the beautiful houses along our road.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Big waves, jellyfish and custard!

I love being on vacation! My husband finally managed to sleep until 8 today - wow!! About 4 hours later than the previous morning! :-P I dreamed that I forgot about my new job at CVS and never called them when I got back home --- the joys of not taking my nightly meds - I always get weird dreams when that happens!
We went down and I laid by the pool while crazy husband went for a run this morning. After how bad my shins hurt after all the walking yesterday I decided to not run today. Felt like I'd curled up in a warm dryer full of clothes to feel the morning sun just warm me all the way thru. My bones just wanted to melt (and no mom I'm not burnt). We went and played in the pool and the ocean. I went out to about my knees while the waves would come in in sets of 3-4. They'd build on each other until the water would go from my knees to my neck! I just laughed - so much fun!! Until I felt this "jello-y" substance w/ my right hand.......I jumped and looked down. I could see thru the jellyfish. He was flat and shaped like a stingray - he didn't sting me. He had a solid black colored middle and the rest was see-thru. Very strange. I decided that was enough "ocean time" for me and got out quickly! We ate lunch, napped and then went driving around Daytona proper (we're in Daytona Beach Shores) and Port Orange. We stopped and had custard at this little place - so GOOD! I had strawberry shortcake sundae!!!!! Yummmmm. Altogether a very relaxing day.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

7.5+ miles story....

So we walked/ran 3 miles this am down to the pier and back. Then decided we were HUNGRY and would go just down the road to IHOP. Car? We don't need a car - we'll just walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. And walk. 2.5 miles later, with me about to PASS OUT and my poor husband weak from lack of water we FINALLY found the IHOP. So we ate. And ate. And ate. And drank LOTS of water. We decided to walk in the surf on the way back. Of course idiot me had on jeans. So I just rolled them to my shins. Then my knees. Then they would get wet and pull down so I kept having to re-roll them. Poor husband hadn't planned on getting wet but was focused on taking a picture and didn't pay attention to the waves. He got wet feet so off his shoes/socks came and we both walked in the ocean/sand allllllllllllllll the way back home. And took a nap. :-)

Last post for today - pretty pictures...

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Post #5


Me and honey after our run...walk.

I love this picture - the waves make pretty designs w/ the black and grey sand grains.....

4' swells today - trust me they're bigger than they look...
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Post #4 - Daytona Day 1

This is the view from my condo. Yes I'm bragging. No I don't care if you "hate me just a little" as Kt said. :-)

This is the sun coming up this morning on the ocean (no I wasn't awake yet).

This is about how light it was when we went for our 3mile run/walk down to the pier and back. My shins hurt but my asthma did awesome - woohoo!!

This is the tiny lizard in the stairwell who wanted to go with us on our run but I was afraid the birds would eat him so I told him no!
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Post #3

This is the "tank" that they have the EMT's, fire personnel in during the launch in case of disaster.... the closest safe distance is 3.5 miles b/c it has the power of a small atom bomb.......

This is the actual shuttle Discovery waiting for liftoff --- the middle tank is the big external fuel tank - it holds millions of pounds of fuel and explodes after it's empty. The two on the sides are the rocket boosters that are discarded in flight and recycled.

This is hot cranky Mandy who is bus-sick, has a bad migraine and wants to smack the little boy who won't shut up in the bus seat in front of her admiring the space shuttle. :-)

This is the Vietnam-era Huey helicopter WITH the M-16's still mounted that is flown in the area during the launch for security.
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