Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post #3

This is the "tank" that they have the EMT's, fire personnel in during the launch in case of disaster.... the closest safe distance is 3.5 miles b/c it has the power of a small atom bomb.......

This is the actual shuttle Discovery waiting for liftoff --- the middle tank is the big external fuel tank - it holds millions of pounds of fuel and explodes after it's empty. The two on the sides are the rocket boosters that are discarded in flight and recycled.

This is hot cranky Mandy who is bus-sick, has a bad migraine and wants to smack the little boy who won't shut up in the bus seat in front of her admiring the space shuttle. :-)

This is the Vietnam-era Huey helicopter WITH the M-16's still mounted that is flown in the area during the launch for security.
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