Monday, August 24, 2009

Big waves, jellyfish and custard!

I love being on vacation! My husband finally managed to sleep until 8 today - wow!! About 4 hours later than the previous morning! :-P I dreamed that I forgot about my new job at CVS and never called them when I got back home --- the joys of not taking my nightly meds - I always get weird dreams when that happens!
We went down and I laid by the pool while crazy husband went for a run this morning. After how bad my shins hurt after all the walking yesterday I decided to not run today. Felt like I'd curled up in a warm dryer full of clothes to feel the morning sun just warm me all the way thru. My bones just wanted to melt (and no mom I'm not burnt). We went and played in the pool and the ocean. I went out to about my knees while the waves would come in in sets of 3-4. They'd build on each other until the water would go from my knees to my neck! I just laughed - so much fun!! Until I felt this "jello-y" substance w/ my right hand.......I jumped and looked down. I could see thru the jellyfish. He was flat and shaped like a stingray - he didn't sting me. He had a solid black colored middle and the rest was see-thru. Very strange. I decided that was enough "ocean time" for me and got out quickly! We ate lunch, napped and then went driving around Daytona proper (we're in Daytona Beach Shores) and Port Orange. We stopped and had custard at this little place - so GOOD! I had strawberry shortcake sundae!!!!! Yummmmm. Altogether a very relaxing day.

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