Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mom's crocuses are poking thru our last snowfall. Stubborn little suckers.
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Cats and Trains

This is Jack the cat. Apparently his nose was cold. He wouldn't move for talking to him, being petted, ice dropped on the floor for him to chase - nothing. Maybe he had a migraine?? It actually looks pretty close to my preferred "migraine position".

These are both pics of the trains set up in my GFIL's house. He was having a LOT of fun showing mom and I his collection. He had a flatbed car on the train hauling a copy of the tank that he drove in WWII.

This is Cafe (as in he's an Orange Cat Cafe from Lewiston). Dad took all the cushions outside and used a wire brush and snow on them to deodarize them (don't ask me, he read it somewhere.) OBVIOUSLY the REAL reason for doing this was to create a bed for Cafe! Why else would you make a cushy pile with cushions and coats on a table up high in the sun?
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning.... Or not

So I went to sleep last night watching TV. Knowing snow was coming but feeling halfway resigned. I woke up sniffing smoke at 4:30. I assumed that it was just on me from me starting the fire before bed. Kept getting worse, it kept waking me up, so at 6:30 (yeah I know, I HATE getting up before I feel like it on Saturdays) I got up and went out to the hallway. Yeah, the house is filled w/ smoke. Apparently the snow/ice built up on top of the chimmney, causing the fire to back up smoke into the house. Dad had woken up, gone around and shut the bedroom doors for Mom and I, and had tried to air out the house after the snow on the chimney apparently melted. Too late. Yeah the whole house reeks. OH, and then at about 6:45 the carbon monoxide detector decided to get into the act. Except Dad thot it was the smoke detector that is way up high so we just had to put in earplugs and deal. So there I am, in bed, w/ a nest under the sheet trying to block the smoke smell (lovely headache it gave me) and earplugs to blog the screeching. I finally gave up about 7:30 and just got up to read. At 9:15 mom came out, found the carbon monoxide detector laying on the shelf by her room --- and proceeds to want to throw it out into the snow until I told her to give it to me and I removed the batteries.

Oh what a beautiful morning...........Yuck. Oh! And we have several inches of snow.