Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cats and Trains

This is Jack the cat. Apparently his nose was cold. He wouldn't move for talking to him, being petted, ice dropped on the floor for him to chase - nothing. Maybe he had a migraine?? It actually looks pretty close to my preferred "migraine position".

These are both pics of the trains set up in my GFIL's house. He was having a LOT of fun showing mom and I his collection. He had a flatbed car on the train hauling a copy of the tank that he drove in WWII.

This is Cafe (as in he's an Orange Cat Cafe from Lewiston). Dad took all the cushions outside and used a wire brush and snow on them to deodarize them (don't ask me, he read it somewhere.) OBVIOUSLY the REAL reason for doing this was to create a bed for Cafe! Why else would you make a cushy pile with cushions and coats on a table up high in the sun?
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