Thursday, January 28, 2010

More pics

The shirt to go w/ the shoes..... loaned by Moni along w/ a little long-sleeved black shrug

It's laundry day.....even for the dog!

"How's the rear-view?" (p.s. - this isn't "the" dress so don't get all excited.)
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Long awaited pics....

Moni in my dress --- all ready to dance :-)

My new 10$ purse!

My new fancy shoes to go w/ my outfit tomorrow night -- thanks for the shopping help Moni!

My new "wk" shoes. Comfy for wk but not to hike from the hotel to Jack Stack and back in - that was a bit much.......
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Foot in mouth.......

Me: No I don't know why I'm crying really, you are 1000 miles away and while I agreed to do this is sucks bigrottoneggs! (All said while sniffleing)

Him: You're crying b/c you're a woman......

Funnily enough this struck me as such a dingbat thing to say to a crying woman that I quit crying!! So apparently it wked, but I still think it's funny.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fake post

So, I bought 2 new pairs of shoes today, and a purse for $10. I also borrowed a tank and sweater from Moni to go w/ my new skirt for district meeting.
See the new red and black heels?
See the new work shoes?
Isn't the purse nice?

What? No pics? Oh right. Guess you can't see them huh. Yeah. That would be because my DEAR husband who sent the camera and charger down w/ a wk buddy to KC yesterday..........forgot the connect-it-to-the-computer cord. Sorry. (Really he is but I am still a bit annoyed. I promise I'll post the pics later to make up for it. Maybe even one of Moni in my wedding dress!)

My apologies......

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well Grace's bath definitely helped "de-shed" her but she still smells like a dog. I'm sure there's a reason for that if I could just think of what it might be.......oh well. She's sleeping a ton - even for her and doesn't seem interested much in food or her bones. Not sure what's up w/ that.

I went to a shower for a couple friend of Kt's on Sunday. They just adopted 2 boys from another country - they were so cute!! The littlest was quite sure that all the balloons on the table had been brought especially for him. I wish he could have seen how they made it to the church. Kt was driving the van, mom in the front passenger seat and then me, with 25 helium filled balloons, in the middle seat. There were so many that I couldn't move - my head just had to sit leaning to the side at a 90 degree angle. We joked that if we did have a wreck at least I'd be well cushioned, but we'd sound awful funny giving police reports from breathing in all the helium.... Kt had gotten the older boy a slinky ---- he was HUGELY impressed with it - seemed to be his favorite present. It was fun to see how happy they were being cuddled by gparents and the aunt already. And I actually figured out how to run Kt's fancy camera to take a few pics for her. Yay!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


My husband is in line at the Capitol bldg for his tour w/ the kids.
Moni just called shrieking about her new ring.

Everyone is having fun w/o me!! Yes I know I could have gone to DC but I'm saving my time off for the ski trip in Feb. in NY. Yay for dumb holidays in other countries that allow my husband to have a 3 day weekend for me to come visit! Hopefully I'll get emailed some cool pics from DC that I can post for ya'll. They get to tour the white house too - cool no matter who the current resident might be -- but no cameras allowed. That one kinda annoys me b/c I didn't get to tour the WH either time I went and so I would have liked to have seen some good pictures. Oh well.

The dog is finally settling in somewhat. She's off at Petsmart getting a bath. (And considering they told me to allow 3 hours for it it'd better be a darn good bath!!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Christmas

This is mom getting her "first Tiffany's" from Kt and I.

It was a ring that says "Tiffany & Co" in script around the outside for her to wear on her right hand. She had been wearing "hand-me-down" rings from me but one had broken. This one is MUCH better!

These are all the nail polishes Kt gave me for Christmas (among other things). They are AWESOME and I can't wait to try them all. I've already worn the blue and pale pink.

And this is Kt adoring her 2nd gift from my husband - his famous dirt dessert. To answer the question: Yes, she's playing in her food, and Yes she does know better. She just can't resist.
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THE COAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my husband's Christmas, Anniversary and Master's Degree Graduation present. Since I'm not allowed to show his face on my blog you get just the shot of his body modeling the new coat. He was very impressed, surprised and grateful to all who contributed to it.
Then of course, everyone else had to model......

Notice the genuine maps of occupied France etc. on the inside. The coat weighs a TON and smells soooooooo yummy!

I think for Kt it's just a hair too big!
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