Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vacation Postings

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Monday, September 13, 2010

FInal post for vacation - whew!

Question of the night - what kind of squirrel is that???? There were 4 of them on the course. They walked/waddled rather than hopped like normal squirrels, had much longer tails - kinda dragged on the ground behind them, and they were BRAVE! They came right up to DH and I on the golf cart when I chittered at them - this one came right up and sniffed my fingers. Very very very cute and friendly.
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2nd golf course

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Yes these are 2 full-grown tigers having play-time. And by play-time I mean shaking the floor rolling around w/ ears back pouncing on each other playing. It was so funny to see. Little kids in their strollers were staring open-mouthed in awe.

Best buds! These were 2 of the 4-month olds that they were using for us to hold in pics.

Full grown Siberian having a nap

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Blowfish like we saw dead at the beach


Very cool house we saw on the beach
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Bigger fish

Yes those are actually ROWS of teeth he has in his mouth

Sawtooth fish/shark thing....weird huh

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I think this fish looks like an Easter Egg!


Me petting one of the baby stingrays - he was little and spotted and felt like wet velvet - incredibly soft!!!!!

I think this may be one of the most beautiful pictures we took on the whole trip.
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Sea Urchin. Looks like fun to step on huh......?

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Albino alligators - 2 of only 6 ever known to exist in the world. Weird weird weird.

This is Bob. He has no tail. He was born w/o one - but since he was born in the preserve they were able to save him and build him his own little pool and place to live. He's lived there for years where he would have died in the wild.

1st Golf course we went to.

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More creepies

Yes he really is as big as he looks! I promise!

I know, it's a rotten picture I'm sorry. These are the poison dart frogs. They had yellow, blue, green -- they were BEAUTIFUL. Such an amazing array of creatures. Whoever says God doesn't have a sense of humor --- just needs to go to a zoo!
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SNAKES!!! (Just skip this one if you're going to ewww)

Cottonmouth - they are AWFULLY fat for how short they are.


Burmese python wants to give you a huuuuuuuuug
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Yes it's a statue but still....it's a really brave bird.

I can't decide if he's glaring, or trying a really bad reptilian "come hither" look :-)

Hellooooooo! Come on over!!! Oh the fence? Oh just hop it, no worries, we'll serve you dinner! Sushi! New varieties!
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