Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

OK, before I go on let me just say there is a bird outside my deck area that has been spending too much time around "low battery" smoke detectors. He's not rythmic but has the piercing chirp down pat!!
There is a chance of showers today so I'm not sure if I'm going job-hunting or not. I refuse to traipse around in the rain w/ my resume's and it's too hard in this town to do it by car.... (how odd is that to say after a month in KC!) I dearly love being home - I didn't expect this place to feel like home quite so quickly.
We're talking about touring around Toronto over the weekend - some of the others are going camping and that is by NO way of measuring something that sounds like fun to me. :-) The city is having it's annual air show, an Iams dog show that sounds amusing and a Medieval dinner/show thing. Yay! Sounds likes lots of fun to me. Hope you all have as much fun this weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home, sweet home!!

So far these are the things I'm most happy about...
1. Husband!
2. My own bed (and pillows, and sheets etc)
3. My own closet (in other words I'm not wearing the same 3 outfits repeatedly.)
4. It's COLD this morning - yippee!!!!! 63 today with a high of 75 - yay!!

Well those are the major things so far. I'm still really sleepy this morning, never did get a nap yesterday after getting up at 3:45 am to make the airport on time. The new meds the dr gave me TOTALLY cured the airplane motion sickness - yay! I slept like the dead and fully intend to nap more today! I'm enjoying cable (sorry mom) - especially my animal shows. I have been learning from them tho - I worked on training my parents dog Jack some while I was home - even mom was impressed at how much better he got. Hopefully dad keeps it up (hint hint.) Considering how hyper he can get, the fact that I could set a piece of ckn in front of his nose, then back way up and he wouldn't get it till I told him I could is very rewarding! (Makes me miss my Grace tho.... - imagine how much more impressive it would be with a dog my size!) :-)

My husband rearranged the living room while I was gone, which turned out very well (and no I'm not surprised at all.... haha). It makes better use of the space and keeps my couch away from the heater that runs along one wall. If I get energetic today (yeah right) I'll post a new picture. Haven't seen the new road Josh found to ride on - maybe I can find it tonite.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yay for Grace!

There are few things that feel as good as walking into this house and having all the dogs (well except Noah of course) just be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see me! Grace is knocking me over w/ head rubs, Lucy and Hershey are boucing like balls up to my knees and wiggling like crazy. It took Grace a good 30 mins to calm down, she was so happy. Such a pleasure to be missed! :-) Mom and I took Grace on a 3 mile walk this morning, then she took Hershey and Noah both for short walks. Tomorrow I think I'll take Grace and Hershey - he's getting so fat since he was neutered! Grace is such a pleasure to walk, no yanking and pulling except for two "Wascally wabbit" sightings. (I'm curious as to what she'd do with one if she caught it - she's not the "predator" sort. Probably just play with it). Mom keeps saying "I forget how BIG she is!" We walked quite a ways w/ Grace and ended up by the train tracks. Mom called Gpa and I was cracking up b/c every time she opened her mouth to say something the train blew it's whistle!! VERY LOUDLY!!! Gpa was very confused, even he could hear it.
Well today we are supposed to can tomato juice for Gpa and make a triple batch of almond pastry. So I suppose I"ll be nice and busy. (Thus the reason for the dog walks, hopefully they'll sleep all day!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Short post

I spent last night at Kt's, I have Todd on my lap and he is quite insistent that he had NEVER been petted before in his ENTIRE life so I must not stop for long. I'm supposed to go to a cat show later today w/ Kt - maybe he's jealous! Hope everyone's doing well - and just to help me out - if you post a comment as "anonymous" please put your name at the end of your comment, I have too many people who could post that way and I feel funny trying to "guess who" wrote which comment. Thank you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Surprise! A post while I'm gone!

So I'm at the library in Smithville so I am just checking in w/ everyone. I'm enjoying the ability to talk to people during the day, hating the heat (ugh ugh ugh) and having fun harassing a cat. I came down to bring mom some stuff, run a couple of errands for her and then I have to stop by a pharamacy in KC. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

P.S. Why do they take your license when you get a new one? The NY DMV took my MO one, then my husband wants my old MO license #.....thank heaven for my old work taking a photo copy!!