Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

OK, before I go on let me just say there is a bird outside my deck area that has been spending too much time around "low battery" smoke detectors. He's not rythmic but has the piercing chirp down pat!!
There is a chance of showers today so I'm not sure if I'm going job-hunting or not. I refuse to traipse around in the rain w/ my resume's and it's too hard in this town to do it by car.... (how odd is that to say after a month in KC!) I dearly love being home - I didn't expect this place to feel like home quite so quickly.
We're talking about touring around Toronto over the weekend - some of the others are going camping and that is by NO way of measuring something that sounds like fun to me. :-) The city is having it's annual air show, an Iams dog show that sounds amusing and a Medieval dinner/show thing. Yay! Sounds likes lots of fun to me. Hope you all have as much fun this weekend!

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