Saturday, November 28, 2009

(Slightly delayed) Pics from Kt's bday

Here's Kt opening her card we bought for her to send to Gpa. (It's a long story).

This is Chad, his parents and his sister Amy. She is suffering thru starting a new job at a hospital at the same time as I am. We commiserate on Facebook.

A decent pic of my parents. VERY RARE!!!!!!!!!!!
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What I did today

This is one of my favorite ornaments!
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Once upon a time...

there was a cat. His name was Jack. Jack lived to torment his male owner. Then one day he got confused. He decided to chomp down on the owner's daughter's foot. While she was trying to oblige Jack w/ a wonderful belly rub.
Needless to say - the daughter holds grudges..............

Jack was ashamed. (Notice the ears and twitching tail.) He vowed never EVER EVER to chomp down on the daughters foot again!
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My brain is tired....

It is only Tuesday too. Oh well. So. Things I have learned so far....
1. I will wk 8-5 but can flex out my lunch at 30 mins instead of an hour, flex dr's appts etc.
2. I do not get to wear scrubs - we are looking at khakis, cords, polos and sweaters.
3. I do NOT get an office (sniff) but I have a 3 sided cube in an office w/ about 6 people but I do have my back to a set of windows that I can open if I get hot. So I can still put up some pics. We have our own baby fridge and microwave.
4. My boss is very nice and very excited to get me started.
5. My brain is a bit overwhelmed from all the info in the last few days.
6. KU Med has about 10,000 people on campus every day.
7. I do get to park in the yellow lots for free (for those of you who wonder, yes they're the farthest away.)
8. The KU Med center has 66 cops/security officers that patrol everywhere --- so that should make those of you worrying about me wking in downtown feel better.
9. (Darn, I'm running out of facts and I wanted to do 10!) Ummm OH! I have to call in at least 3hrs ahead of my clock-in time....... we'll have to see if my mgr agrees w/ that. That info came from the nurse supervisor (apparently I'm part of the nursing dept even tho I'm not a nurse and no contact w/ patients.)
10. OH! MOST IMPORTANT!!!! I get Thnksgvg and the day AFTER off PAID!!! So I think I might go to Joplin. :-) However I do have to wk Christmas Eve.

So that's what I've learned so far, prayers for my energy level and car would be appreciated. I had a nail in the tire this morning --- so did mom. So I dropped her at wk and drove the van. Dad fixed it but I'm hoping that's the end of my car drama.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A good use of space......

This is my car before we unloaded at home. As mom says, we had approx 6 inches of unused space, mostly arranged to allow us to peek out the back window. We had a good drive, made it from NY to St. Louis the first day and home on the second. As most of you have heard by now, I'm staying at home for awhile until the job gets settled in at least. The uhaul w/ my husband and mom-in-law will be down next weekend w/ everything else to go into a storage unit.

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More loft pics

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Pics of the loft we liked the best

The little upstairs loft area was carpeted for your bedroom area, the rest was smooth concrete.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For those of you who wonder......

Here is the tenative plan for the next week or so....
Wednesday - Mom comes to NY, we pack my car and hopefully get the kitchen all packed up as well.
Thursday - Friday - Mom and I drive my NY to MO.
Saturday - Apartment/House hunt all day
Sunday - Collapse in exhaustion and make cookies with mom. :-)
Monday -- hopefully decide on apt and fill out necessary paperwk, schedule when to do a Uhaul trip from NY to MO w/ ALLLLLL the rest of the stuff and move husband to live w/ a coworker.
Monday 16th - start new job. Whew!

I am very grateful to everyone who has (and will) listen to me vent about planning, not planning, people not cooperating with said plan etc. While I'm at mom/dad's I won't have internet so posting will be limited unless I go to the library etc.