Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For those of you who wonder......

Here is the tenative plan for the next week or so....
Wednesday - Mom comes to NY, we pack my car and hopefully get the kitchen all packed up as well.
Thursday - Friday - Mom and I drive my NY to MO.
Saturday - Apartment/House hunt all day
Sunday - Collapse in exhaustion and make cookies with mom. :-)
Monday -- hopefully decide on apt and fill out necessary paperwk, schedule when to do a Uhaul trip from NY to MO w/ ALLLLLL the rest of the stuff and move husband to live w/ a coworker.
Monday 16th - start new job. Whew!

I am very grateful to everyone who has (and will) listen to me vent about planning, not planning, people not cooperating with said plan etc. While I'm at mom/dad's I won't have internet so posting will be limited unless I go to the library etc.

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