Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bathroom improvements

So DH and Ian built me 2 sets of shelves for the bathroom. We have a miniscule bathroom - no room for ANYTHING so any extra shelving is appreciated! I painted them this last week and got them all set up yesterday. Yay for more space!

This is my new makeup case - ALL ORGANIZED!! I went through all my mulitple bags that were everywhere and sorted it all at once. Threw some out, bagged some to send to Jackie if she wants it, and organized the rest. Yay me! :-P
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Monday, June 20, 2011


Yay! Homemade bread - a little baby loaf!! Its so cute! (No I haven't tried it yet, it might be terrible.) :-)
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I have learned so far

with having DH's nephew here.

1. My food bill just doubled.  :-)
2. He goes to bed early - he sleeps hard too so hopefully he won't be disturbed by all the road noise and the train that he may not be used to.
3. He has great taste in food!! Jalapeno string cheese - how did I not know this existed?? Ha

I need to buy some boxer shorts or something to sleep in!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dog-mushing Trip

Random pictures of the "beach" in Talkeetna

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Mt McKinley

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Dall Sheep


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This is the train we took - we sat up above so we had a great view.

9 hours on a train makes for a bored Mandy

Our lodge

Give me coffee and I can rule the world!! Or at least wander around for the day :-)
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Glacier Bay

Yes that's me under there. It was so sunny but the wind off the bay was cold so I was toasting under blankets and warm and snug as a bug-in-a-rug. I just pulled my lounge up to the glass wall and watched the glaciers go by.

Nice to know those little 'bergs are good for something!
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Its a fake bear, don't worry. I went to lean on it and it about fell over.....Way to go Mandy - try to destroy the tourist attractions.

It's horse's snowshoe. Seriously!!!!

The most photographed building in AK. It's make of driftwood.

Glacier/Icebergs in Glacier Bay
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You know you are in Alaska when the old train you see had to have a snowblower on the front!

Its a BEAR!!!!!! This was the only wild bear we saw. He was just hoofing it from one side of the road to another.
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The ships' crews put their flag on the rock on their first arrival. Years ago it was a postal system - you would use a peg to attach a letter to that ships' flag that you wanted to receive the letter.

Red Onion Saloon - we had breakfast in a brothel!!! :-) The ladies were great - dressed in period costumes, therefore wearing more clothes than many women nowdays, and telling us the history of the building and it's most famous occupants.

This bridge is only anchored on 1 side. Skagway has earthquakes almost every day so the only way to keep the bridge secure is to anchor one side and let the other flex with the earth. DH just looooooooved that bit of info! :-)
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King of the Hill pics

The one in the water was MAD MAD MAD that there wasn't room for him on the buoy. He tried several times to get on and would fall off b/c there wasn't room. He'd bark, growl and hiss. It was hysterical to watch.

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