Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home, sweet home!!

So far these are the things I'm most happy about...
1. Husband!
2. My own bed (and pillows, and sheets etc)
3. My own closet (in other words I'm not wearing the same 3 outfits repeatedly.)
4. It's COLD this morning - yippee!!!!! 63 today with a high of 75 - yay!!

Well those are the major things so far. I'm still really sleepy this morning, never did get a nap yesterday after getting up at 3:45 am to make the airport on time. The new meds the dr gave me TOTALLY cured the airplane motion sickness - yay! I slept like the dead and fully intend to nap more today! I'm enjoying cable (sorry mom) - especially my animal shows. I have been learning from them tho - I worked on training my parents dog Jack some while I was home - even mom was impressed at how much better he got. Hopefully dad keeps it up (hint hint.) Considering how hyper he can get, the fact that I could set a piece of ckn in front of his nose, then back way up and he wouldn't get it till I told him I could is very rewarding! (Makes me miss my Grace tho.... - imagine how much more impressive it would be with a dog my size!) :-)

My husband rearranged the living room while I was gone, which turned out very well (and no I'm not surprised at all.... haha). It makes better use of the space and keeps my couch away from the heater that runs along one wall. If I get energetic today (yeah right) I'll post a new picture. Haven't seen the new road Josh found to ride on - maybe I can find it tonite.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you made it home safe and didn't have another nightmare flight. Enjoy your day and rest, rest, rest........

Anonymous said...

It was cold here this morning too, I was actually chilly walking at 4:30! Not that I'm complaining..