Saturday, January 16, 2010


My husband is in line at the Capitol bldg for his tour w/ the kids.
Moni just called shrieking about her new ring.

Everyone is having fun w/o me!! Yes I know I could have gone to DC but I'm saving my time off for the ski trip in Feb. in NY. Yay for dumb holidays in other countries that allow my husband to have a 3 day weekend for me to come visit! Hopefully I'll get emailed some cool pics from DC that I can post for ya'll. They get to tour the white house too - cool no matter who the current resident might be -- but no cameras allowed. That one kinda annoys me b/c I didn't get to tour the WH either time I went and so I would have liked to have seen some good pictures. Oh well.

The dog is finally settling in somewhat. She's off at Petsmart getting a bath. (And considering they told me to allow 3 hours for it it'd better be a darn good bath!!)

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KT said...

Yay for Monica!!!