Monday, January 18, 2010


Well Grace's bath definitely helped "de-shed" her but she still smells like a dog. I'm sure there's a reason for that if I could just think of what it might be.......oh well. She's sleeping a ton - even for her and doesn't seem interested much in food or her bones. Not sure what's up w/ that.

I went to a shower for a couple friend of Kt's on Sunday. They just adopted 2 boys from another country - they were so cute!! The littlest was quite sure that all the balloons on the table had been brought especially for him. I wish he could have seen how they made it to the church. Kt was driving the van, mom in the front passenger seat and then me, with 25 helium filled balloons, in the middle seat. There were so many that I couldn't move - my head just had to sit leaning to the side at a 90 degree angle. We joked that if we did have a wreck at least I'd be well cushioned, but we'd sound awful funny giving police reports from breathing in all the helium.... Kt had gotten the older boy a slinky ---- he was HUGELY impressed with it - seemed to be his favorite present. It was fun to see how happy they were being cuddled by gparents and the aunt already. And I actually figured out how to run Kt's fancy camera to take a few pics for her. Yay!


Rene said...

Is Grace living w/you now? Oh need your phone number and address.
got a new iphone and all my phone numbers did not transfer.
How is the job? Are you still working out?

Rene said...

Miss you so much....