Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh, well yeah, I'll just shut up now.....

I went to take a cold shower to cool off after our run last night. I had pulled back the curtain to get in and saw a black spot in a spot where there is not supposed to be a spot. Attempting not to panic, I turned around, put my glasses on and sure enough....it's the type of spot that has 8 legs and is just waiting for me to get in so it can scare me to DEATH. Stupid spot. Being the hysterical spot-hater that I am I yelped for my poor husband. He came running (good husband!) and said WHAT!!!!!!?
I pointed out the deadly spot and told him to try the bleach spray on the side of the tub. He stood up, picked the bug REPELLENT off the cabinet and turned back to the tub.
Me: "Um, that will just make him mad...THAT WILL JUST MAKE HIM MAD!"
Husband proceeds to smash said spot into smithereens and rinse him down the drain.
Me: "Oh. Well yes if you use it that way it does work....Thank You!!"


Anonymous said...

You are SO your father's daugter!!

I am glad you have a mighty warrier husband to take care of you!


Mandy said...

Yes but as far as the baby snake went I'm your daughter!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I love the story with the visual descriptions.

:-) Bren