Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Trip!

So I will be driving home starting tomorrow, and then Mom will drive back up with me on the 23rd w/ Camry and assorted breakables we don't want to pack in the the movers van. Yay! Husband is not very happy but with plane tickets running 600 for me to fly down and back on this short notice I'm afraid this is the best option. Certainly the cheapest!
Must go to the store today to buy munchies, gas up the car etc. What are your favorite munchies for a road trip?


Anonymous said...

Pretzels go well, but I already have some! YAY! Road trip! MOM

Anonymous said...

anything gummy (bears, worms, etc.) is great because your hands don't get yucky.

:-) Bren

Anonymous said...

snack mix of any kind,granola bars,sunflower seeds,almonds,fruit,candy