Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on the move

Well we have had an exciting day. Mom and I made it safe, only 1 round of construction to drive thru - no major traffic at all! We were truly blessed. Then yesterday mom fell on the ice and broke both bones in her right wrist. It is a clean break - better than the left wrist 3 yrs ago. Then at the hospital mom's quik-trip cup had a slice in it that poured boiling water over my right hand. I cried. It was horrible yesterday but it's quite a bit better today. A nice nurse got me an icepack and I had some pain pills to use. Today I have streaks of pink that are still really raw and sensitive but am otherwise much better.

Camry is doing well. He has eaten and used the litterbox. He even will run from the carrier in the bathroom to under the bed. :-) Of course today we're taking him to his "real" new home and it will probably be a bit of a setback. But he has purred for mom and loves to be petted still, even when he's hiding in his carrier.

Today we have several inches of snow and it's supposed to be snowing all day. They haven't plowed yet so I walked mom to the gym to do her 4 miles on the treadmill. We will load up the car to the gills and head for the house later this afternoon after we vacuum etc. We're praying to only have one load but I'm not sure it's going to happen....

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