Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're moved

And never ever again will we use movers. Lots of chips, nicks and broken things. They broke a corner on my hand-made cedar chest. Lost my broom. Husband's safe was opened - he may have most of his stuff - he's not sure yet. Very frustrating.
Mom made it out today ok. She was stranded in Detroit for quite awhile but should be in the air to KC now. She was so much help even with the broken arm. We have most of the boxes either opened or down in the basement for later. I have a million books to organize - of course.
Camry is hiding - he comes and visits at night - loving and purring etc.
No internet till Tues other than husband's wk computer. Phone doesn't wk great up here so if you call and don't get me leave a msg.

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