Friday, February 4, 2011

Most annoying thing ever!!!

My right bicep is twitching. It has been twitching whenever my arm is bent for 2 days now and it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!! If I keep my arm bent so it twitches you can SEE it move, gross. I am so so so tired of it. Need ideas to make it stop!


Anonymous said...

I see no one had any ideas! I'm just now getting here, hope it's fixed itself but it not I would try alternating heat/cold packs. Won't hurt and it might help!


Anonymous said...

Ok I wanted to see if I could help you sooner on this but your moms suggestion is also one I found when look it up!...But here is the rest of the info I found if you are still experiencing this...Regarding the bicep twitching, I to have a bicep that has been twitching for several weeks maybe longer now that I am aware of it. Sources around me feel it may be do to a cervical impingement or thoracic outlet syndrome ( tightness in the musculature around the neck and shoulder which can constrict or put pressure on specific nerves that run down into the shoulder,bicep and fingers. Things to do watch posture, move head back between shoulders. Apply heat /ice to the neck and shoulder region to calm muscle. Focus on strengthening scapular and shoulder muscles to take pressure off cervical muscles which may become irritated. Incorporate easy stretches to the upper traps, levator scap muscles. Some times anti- imflammatory meds: ibuprofin, motrin, aleve can help

Mandy said...

Goodness what good ideas! It did finally stop but I'll keep these in mind if it does it again. Thank you ladies!