Thursday, February 10, 2011


Stupid NY!! I had left my car in the same spot for over a week in the snow. I went to go to WM today and got it allllll cleaned off and ready to go. I got in the car, backed up enough to get my rearend out in the road.........and got stuck. Forward - backward - forward - backward - forward - backward. Sigh. No further movement. Cue the phone call to husband -- he says to kick at the ice around tire and see if I can get it broke up enough to drive, otherwise just leave car where it is. I kick ice.......and promptly start yowling, I thot I broke my big toe. Husband says - "I meant kick w/ your heel!!" Um yeah, you didn't say that!
So out I go again, hacking w/ my heel, prying at the ice chunks etc. I did finally get out, I didn't break my toe but man is it sore! Stupid NY state. Stupid ice and snow. Grumble fuss. I parked in husbands nice clean spot when I came home.

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