Monday, March 14, 2011


Poor Camry. Here he is laying on the "warm guy" and he was still cold. Nice husband covered him up -- Camry didn't wake up enough to care much! :-)

I finally got all my suncatchers hung up. They are over my stove in the kitchen. Pretty!

This is the RR track in my backyard. I love this bridge - it's pretty and old and the river is nice. It's been running faster this last week with all the rain and snowmelt. I think this will be a pretty sight to take pictures of through the seasons.
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Anonymous said...

I love the view out that window, especially w/the stained glass!
Good job! MOM

Anonymous said...

And, I LOVE Camry's snuggling picture. He looks happy, but of course, he IS still missing his first mom - even though he loves his second one too! MOM

Mandy said...

I was really excited to get the stained glass up!

Anonymous said...

Love the sun catchers and the view from the window! The snow is beautiful but I know you are over it for this winter! We are actually expecting snow over the weekend and into Monday--oh, me...I am so glad you have Camry to keep you company! Miss you, Mandy!