Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Really Mom?? Leave me alone! And quit sneezing when I'm laying on you!!!

Don't worry Mom!!!! I'll KILL IT DEAD!! Viscous dangerous hairband doesn't stand a CHANCE against the mighty Camry --- unless someone sneezes and scares me.....

Guess what? It's spring!! Yeah. No. Not here. I was going to go grocery shopping I can't. Wet heavy snow is the WORST to get packed under my car. Sigh Can someone PLEASE send me some sunshine and warmth?? Poor husband is SO sick of the cold!

Front yard
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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that your watch-cat is doing his job and attacking anything that might pose danger to you, like hair bands.

I am sorry you are so snowy. It is really nice here and the sun is shining. YAY!

:-) Bren

Mandy said...

Yes - those hair bands are VERY clever you know, you never know when they might attack! Best to kill them first. :-)

And quit gloating! j/k

KT said...

yeah Brenda, it is sunny and warm here too! But we shouldn't gloat too much, cause the tables will be turned when it is 105 degrees with 10,000% humidity this summer.

Anonymous said...

Kill it!!!!! Kill it DEAD!!!!!!!!

Love, MOM