Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well I now have pictures on the wall, the dresser gouges are fixed (yay!) and enough books to keep even me happy for awhile. Oh, and snow up past husband's knees so my little car isn't going anywhere! Good thing I have so many books and Camry. They keep me from getting bored.
Husband actually was playing w/ Camry last night. He found a string and was harassing the cat with it and cracking up b/c Camry would bat at it w/ only 1 paw repeatedly, then switch sides. It looked like he was trying to do a workout. :-) Crazy cat.
Still no TV (can't get an antenna to work) but found a great deal on cable to call on today. We'll see, yesterday their lines were always busy. Thank heaven for Netflix. They have enough movies to keep husband somewhat happy at night and documentaries for me to have on during the day if I'd like, that way I don't feel that my brain is total mush. :-P

I have my tickets booked for KC - May 8th to the 22nd. Moni - you had BETTER have that baby during that time frame! :-) I have Brenda's graduation - woohoo, plus friends to see. Yay! Husband will be down to Joplin in April to see the new nephew.

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