Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 quick thots...

First of all - the older I get the more I agree with Dad. Most people are stupid....and those that aren't are probably morons. (Those who read my blog excepted of course).

Secondly --- YOU SHOULD SEE MY HUSBAND! He went to play golf yesterday - put sunscreen on his nose and ears (pat on the head for the good boy) and then smeared what was left across his forehead.....in a straight line. As the night went on the burn that followed his hairline got more and more prominent while the white "unburnt" straight section of his forehead exactly 2 fingers wide got more and more noticable. LOLOLOL it was HILARIOUS! He is SO going to have to wear a hat all day!


Anonymous said...

I agree that most people are complete and total idiots. Stupid people should not be allowed to breed.

Poor hubby. You should take a picture and post it. heehee. You could take just the forehead.


Anonymous said...

yes, sunscreen only works where applied.....live and learn!

see you tomorrow!

Love, MOM