Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More pics

This is at Devil's Hole - you can see the river - the waves are at least 2 ft hight and the current is UNBELIEVABLY fast. The jetboats that run the river need all 1600 horsepower to make it thru the class 5 rapids. They can go as far as the class 6 rapids, then have to turn around b/c it's only a 50/50 shot of surviving the class 6. YIKES!
This was on the way up the 310 steps. Poor Brenda and Jackie were having a rough time, it was humid for NY and it's quite a work out.

Jackie - before and after the Maid of the Mist ride!
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Anonymous said...

I did notice that Brenda and Jackie are NOT the only two people taking a little rest!

Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kay for noticing that! My asthma was kicking my tush at this moment. Had to give in and take a couple of puffs off the inhaler to make it up the stairs.