Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well I was going to post some pics of the trip - some from the party for Aunt MaryLou etc, however the camera just got on the plane w/ my husband headed for KC again. I told him not to delete anything so you'll just have to be patient :-)
I'm getting ready to start all my laundry - woohoo right? :-) My fridge is BARREN! Literally a few pieces of bread and that's it!!!!! So I'm headed to the grocery store too!

P.S. Guess who called Josh's phone today? Sheri from my old job (apparently those letters I typed w/ my phn # and email address were too much trouble to dig out, they just had his # handy.) I called her back and they had lost a file I worked on for DAYS for them (the BCBS spreadsheet I was having to do while Kt was here.) Now this is the same job that told someone I had done NO work while I was there the last month and deleted all the files I'd worked on out of spite (even tho in reality I worked hard and made a reference sheet of where to find ALL documents I had typed for them.) I looked, didn't still have the file in my email so said "Sorry, no luck. Bye!" The guts of some people!!!!!

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