Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January in NY

This is my back porch, those of you who have visited (hint hint Kt) can appreciate how LONG these icicles are. What's even more amazing is that they were NOT THERE when I left for work yesterday morning. These swords of mother nature appeared in ONE DAY!!!!!! They go from the roof and are so long they come down to about my hip (which considering how short I am is really saying something!)

Just thot I'd let ya'll in the Midwest gloat over your (lack of) weather. It has snowed everyday for forever. Seriously. EVERYSINGLEEVERLOVINDAY!!!!!!!!! And of course THIS is when I find a job. Good lands. It's ridiculous. The piles of snow in my gym parking lot are as tall as my car, the piles in the mall parking lot are over 10 feet tall (my husband says so! It's not just my exaggeration!!) If we go back I'll take the camera so I can prove it!

Have a happy Wed all!
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Anonymous said...

Those are some potentially deadly icicles there! Are they all gone now?

Mandy said...

Not at all, they melted a little so they are up to my waist now.