Monday, February 2, 2009

Sniff sniff

So, before my migraine pills kick in I'll try to get this typed. If I start rambling I have a good excuse.
We just got back from our job conference, it was better than previous years. Hands-on workshops for the guys, and lots of free time for me to see family (yay!). My husband got lots of compliments on his new suit, particularly the orange paisley tie, however his neck is again raw from wearing a collared shirt for 2 days straight. Poor thing.
We still have monster icicles on our back porch. It was to get up to 36 today so they're fatter and shorter (odd, kind of how I feel after 2 days in 4 inch heels!) Ouch!
I met an interesting individual on my trip. Her name (for now) shall be "Gray Cat" (yes Kt I know I'm copying). She is at the Gardner Humane Society, and wants to move to NY. She loves to purr, be held, stand on your shoulder and talk to you. She is not solid gray but very pretty and only about 6m old. Unfortunately the standard answer applied and so when GC asked where I was today Kt had to tell her I'd gone back to NY w/o her. Kt said a tiny tear slid down her furry little cheek. I'd believe it more if Kt said GC whacked her with her paw but since I'm not there I'll take Kt's word for it.


Anonymous said...

You are SURELY not implying that your little sister would in ANY way exagerate the truth are you?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Poor GC, missing you already!