Thursday, February 26, 2009

When it pours

Ok, so it's supposed to snow again this weekend and I simply must admit ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!

Sorry. So I apparently needed to threaten this area of NY w/ my mom coming to keep me company while I job hunt. The next day I get a 2 day temp assignment, who now wants to try to hire me part time. I have two interviews tomorrow - one at a neurologist doing exactly (from the website description of the job) what I did before, one at a vet office (TOTALLY want this one) and one on Monday w/ a staffing agency for a clerical job. I can't decide if I really want a full-time job or not, my husband isn't in favor of it unless they pay well so we'll see. :-) All are a good 40 mins from home but honestly there's not a DARN THING here in this town. Awesome for walking/riding in, bad for job-hunting.

Updates to follow!


Anonymous said...

Left out the "snow" part of your complaint.....lucky I can read your mind!

Naggy, nit-pickin' MOM

Amy said...

Hope your interviews went well:) We got snow here too this weekend. Only A couple inches in Olathe but more in other areas and its still snowing. I am snowbound today.