Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me

Well here I sit, an old married woman. :-) 4 years, and he hasn't killed me yet! Sometimes it seems I've been married forever and sometimes it seems like it can't possibly have been 4 years, mostly because we dated so long, it just sort of all blends together after awhile I guess. And now we're starting another NY adventure.
If you hadn't heard he got his new truck, computer and phone (a crack-berry) yesterday. So far Chesapeake is definitely living up to their word!! Much different than the old job! He was so excited. A Chevy Silverado 2500 with only 1700 miles on it. He says it has SO much room inside!! :-) I'm sure compared to our 2 it definitely does. Extended cab. As Arista would have said - he is very "woo-woo"! Uptown man for sure.
I just realized I went to WM for stuff and an anniverary card. Guess what I forgot. OY! Guess I'll go back later. Sigh. He's taking me to Texas Road House for dinner tonite - yay!
Well I was going to post a wedding pic and say thanks again to all who helped/attended/kept me sane etc but apparently husband took the external hard drive to work with him. So you'll just have to make do with the thank you!

Edited to add: - So I just tt husband -- He went to WM this morning to get Ian's bday gift and card and my anniversary card. Guess what he forgot! :-) So it will be the year of mutual no cards since we are both agreeable to it. :-)

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Anonymous said...

It's official. You are an old married couple if you both forgot cards.....heehee. JK! Love you both! Look at it this way, you just saved $10 so have dessert tonight!