Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello from Ny

You know you're in NY when
1 - the stupid roads rattle your car into bits
2 - the gas pump this morning charged me 3.24 per gallon. I KNOW!!!!!!
3 - you see Tim Horton's on the list of resteraunts

This apt thing....yeah. We'll be renting a house I think. If this is a "corporate apt" quality---heaven help regular apts!! Husband laid down to go to sleep last night and the bedspring brace broke in half. The beds are hard (but please still come visit!) The baths are TINY and my furnished kitchen has 2, count them 2! kitchen towels and NO COOKIE SHEETS! NOT A ONE!

I drove around our village of Painted Post today just to get gas this morning. Have migraine but it looks like an ok place. (minus the price of gas). Pretty churches. Older homes. 20 mins to husband's work so we may try to go somewhere closer when the temp housing is over. We are right across the road from a WM, there's a Tractor Supply and Blockbuster too just around the corner. Lots of pretty mountains.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to borrow on e of my nice new ones that I got. Already tried them out and LOVE them! and Love YOU!!!!!

:-) Bren