Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy almost Christmas

So Kt is grousing that the decorations at work are ugly. I didn't even have to put up a Christmas tree this year! Headed to KC on the 8th and (aside from a quick trip back to NY on the 17th) will be down here till the 28th. My husband was unreasonably happy about the no decorating thing. The florist ruined him! So this morning I am off to Cabellas to stand in line for fleece-lined jeans for my husband and a coworker. Then off to Panera for brunch w/ Amy (yay!) and back to the hospital (where I am now) to work out in the gym before going home for a nap. I got to hang out w/ Moni and her mom most of yesterday and had a GREAT time! I love laughing so hard I nearly cry!
Sunday we go to the melting pot (yippee!) w/ mom, Kt, Chad (I think) and Moni and MICHAEL! I finally get to meet this VERY IMPORTANT PERSON! Stay tuned for updates! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I finally got my tree up yesterday. YAY! Finals are over and now I have the mad rush to Christmas.