Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As I sit here pondering over my daily protein shake...

I thot I would share a funny. I got chewed out by my trainer (and why don't I ever use her name, Faye, instead of always typing out "my trainer?") Anywho, so Faye chewed me out again today. She wanted to know if I was going to get some new workout clothes soon - since she's tired of not being able to SEE my body as it's working. Apparently the notion of "I'll wear my husbands tee-shirts that I steal on a regular basis from his closet so that they'll be huge and no one can see my stomach" does not work on trainers. I have been instructed to go dig out my tank tops! :-) I thot it was pretty funny! I did get a "kudos" on the improved diet (let's hear it for protein shakes, protein powder in the oatmeal and a very sad # of carbs daily) as well as for the weight I've lost. In a week or so she'll redo my measurements and hopefully they'll be so good I'll post them to brag. (Or not.) I do notice a definite increase in my strength tho which is a nice change. Just goes to show you can be a muscular bookworm after all! And despite stuffing my stomach on T-giving I didn't gain any weight back....(now if it'd just melt off faster), but oh well. Progress is progress.

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Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of you and how hard you are working at losing weight. You have given up (or mostly given up) a ton of the foods that you do enjoy so dearly. You refer to Faye as your trainer because none of us would remember who she is if you just called her Faye.