Thursday, September 15, 2011


Oy.  I'm getting calluses on the heels of my hands from the crutches.  They have winguts on the screws of the hand-holds.  These are dangerous - particularly when vacuuming.  I gouged a round spot out of my thumb knuckle today trying to vacuum on crutches.  Yeow!  I am SO sick of sitting down to do showers and I WANT TO SCRATCH MY LEG with something more than a knitting needle.  Hmph.  Also I want to DRIVE!  Poor DH is so sick of the grocery shopping.  Its so funny how hard it is for him to find things in the grocery store.  (And by "funny" I mean supremely frustrating for the both of us!)  I also want to be able to do laundry, rather than rely on DH to do it.

It's getting chilly here.  Love it.  I'm cuddled up w/ a soft blanket and my heating pad for my headache.  Ahhhhhh.  Its the little things in life.  Even Camry is more cuddly in the cold.

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Anonymous said...

Remember to have lots of lotion on hand for when you get the cast off!

Love, MOM