Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been following a freebie blog and requesting samples and such from various places.  If anyone wants me to do it for you let me know :-)

Cast is off, brace is on.  I don't have to sleep in it but I have to protect my foot - if it turns the wrong way it really hurts.  I can take the brace off to shower - woohoo! and stretch/flex my foot to work the muscles.

2 weeks till Cocoa Beach - yippee!  I'm so excited!  Kt and I are going to have so much fun, even if I do have to take my crutches for the walking days.

DH is almost done refinishing the coffee table - I can't wait to post pics, its so pretty.  Much nicer than the yellowy oak color it was before.  Yuck.

Camry has a new love -- pudding cups.  Everytime DH is eating one Camry comes RUNNING from wherever he is and meows madly until DH lets him sniff the cup.  He doesn't want to taste it, just sniff it.  He gets very yowly if he's denied.  It is hysterical and DH loves it.  I love how bonded DH and Camry are.  They play together at night and such.  So sweet.


Anonymous said...

I am always up for freebies! See, your hubby and my hubby are SOOOO similar when it comes to our pets.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

You KNOW I love getting something for nothing, GO FOR IT! MOM