Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am truly my mother's daughter...

I just had one of those "AHA!!!!" moments. I had warmed up my frozen pizza lunch and someone said "Oh that smells good!"

Guess my immediate response?????

"There's another one in the freezer if you'd like it!"

I"M FEEDING MY COWORKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Or trying to, they're not very obliging. Maybe after the Christmas goodies arrive they'll be more helpful w/ my "feed others" syndrome. :-)

I have also encouraged a coworker to try one of the healthy choice pasta things I bring in. No luck there either.


Anonymous said...

Well if they don't want the Christmas goodies I am downstairs you know:)

Anonymous said...

I am always willing to oblige your "must feed people" syndrome. Heehee.

:-) Bren