Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My blessings

So since this has been such an "interesting" week or so I thot I'd try to focus my stressed out mind on some good things for a change. Feel free to contribute your own......
1. Mom's surgery went well, even if she's not recouping as quickly as she'd like. Her streak is still unbroken and she continues to be an inspiration to those who cheer her on.
2. No more 6 day migraines!
3. Drugs for the migraines that do arrive. While I hate having them, I am always incredibly grateful for the medical minds that invent the "help"!
4. Grace. Ok, so I'm blessed to have her but she is not blessed to be here, so I'm blessed that she has somewhere to go. She's not eating much and is very lonely so I look forward to getting her back to what she obviously considers "home."
5. I'm blessed to have an ipod filled with songs that lift me up and encourage me thru the workday - as well as some that help me boogie my way thru a stressful week.
6. I'm blessed to have the job I do. Issues nonwithstanding, it has been a wonderful learning experience --- and if they lose me due to my health issues then I am sure God will have a use for me somewhere else.
7. I'm blessed by my car place that got my shaking car fixed today for FREE! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

Most of all I'm blessed by all of you that have listened to me whine/cry/giggle etc my way thru the last several months w/o my husband. Thanks! (And yes I've had some migraine meds so I'm feeling sappy - sorry!)

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Anonymous said...

I am blessed to have such a wonderful friend that keeps me going too!