Thursday, August 26, 2010

Because who can resist a man-bashing story...

A couple of weeks ago husband and I were at the store and as I have mentioned before, I get tired of cooking the same 4 meals repeatedly. I picked up a box at random and was looking at it and thot that husband might like it so I showed it to him. It was a whole-grain hamburger-helper stroganoff meal. Husband says sure, he'll try it. So last night I get home and cook the whole thing. He comes over when it's done says the following conversation ensues....
Husband: "Why is the sauce white?"
Me: "??? B/c that's what color it's supposed to be?"
Husband - looking at box accusingly: "I don't LIKE stroganoff!!!!!!!"
Me: muttering "And this would be why I didn't dish you up a bowl. Why didn't you tell me that?"
Husband: "Why would you buy stroganoff?"
Me: "Because I LOGICALLY assume that if I hand you a flipping box in the grocery store and say 'Look at this and tell me if it sounds good', and the box says 'Stroganoff' right across the front, and you won't eat stroganoff, that you will tell me this!!!!!!!!"
Husband, in a completely disgusted tone of voice: "But you KNOW I don't eat stroganoff and all I saw were the words 'Whole Grain'".

And once again that age-old question is answered. The difference between the Male that only reads what he absolutely has to (and that I've never ever tried to feed stroganoff to before and he ate a bowl of anyway) and the Female that will read the nutrition side of a cereal box every morning for a week just b/c it's the only words she has in front of her at that moment in time. Oy.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least he ate some! Good for him for trying it. And good for you for trying to be a healthy eater!

Love, MOM