Monday, May 9, 2011


So I'm at the dermatologists today, got 2 places sliced off but no stitches this time (woohoo!).  As the Dr is looking me over she said "What are you trying for your acne?" 
Ummm.........what acne???

Yeah, apparently I have a bunch of bumps on my forehead that while I thot were just how my skin was, are actually a case of acne that can be treated.  So.  I told her I wasn't using anything, that they hadn't mentioned it before.  She apologized profusely stating they must have been too focused on my weird moles, etc.  Yup thats me --- so much weird medical stuff you don't even notice the acne.........


Anonymous said...

So, what are they doing for it?


Mandy said...

I have a script for 2 creams, will try to fill them today at CVS.